www.aexon.net Malcolm Tan’s ICO

Well, Malcolm has been busy trying to launch his ICO (Initial Coin Offering) for Aexon, which he confirmed was his business in his interview with AsianEntrepreneur.org.

It will be interesting to unveil how his ICO went, considering that he has ‘written a book’ on ICO’s.

Well, the first thing that we can see upon visiting the website at www.aexon.net is that the website has changed address in the last month. You will now see that it redirects to aexon.io. We wonder why. But, lets look deeper. In the last iteration of the website, the claims were impressive, and the ICO was to launch in January 2018. Alas, for Malcolm and his team, their results were less than impressive.

According to Etherscan.io, a tool that tracks all Ethereum transactions on the blockchain, Aexon managed to raise approximately 0.5ETH tokens (thats roughly $300 or less in Singapore Dollars). Not really very good for an author of a book on ICO’s.

It could be that Malcolm Tan has no experience in actually launching and delivering ICO’s. You do your online research and see!

One more thing that seems somewhat amiss in this ICO… The ‘blurb’ keeps referring to ‘ActivBM’, which is some product referred to by Malcolm Tan as having achieved $1 million in ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue to the layman). We must ask ourselves, how can any product, let alone an online product reach such a level without a website, nor any staff. Bluesky Group Pte Ltd. is referred to, yet they also do not have a website nor any proof of what they mention.

We will at this point carry out full research on both ActivBM and Bluesky Group Pte. Ltd. and publish our findings if possible.

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