Malcolm Tan, ICO advisor, files a lawsuit to cover his tracks

You may well have read the earlier posts on this website from various locations that document, in detail how Malcolm Tan operates, in that he benefits from his status as a lawyer and utilised that status to file frivolous suits against those which question him and his methods. One of those organizations is SMRT The Vigilanteh, who spend their time exposing crime and corruption over in Singapore. While the wording, and content of their exposes may well be humerous, the actions that they cover and publicise sure are not. We have already featured on this website their work, on prior posts, here:

What you will notice when you read that post is that the content written by The Vigilanteh on Facebook is no longer there, and has been removed. This is because Malcolm Tan, Singapore lawyer has filed a claim against them in court in Singapore, what is known as a ‘non-publication order’. Basically, he doesn’t want this stuff publicizing.

In a response on their Facebook page, SMRT The Vigilanteh posted their very humerous response to the court filing.

Malcolm Tan Cryptocurrency Influencer

It’s worth noting that in the court filing, The Vigilanteh stands accused by Malcolm Tan of being involved with this website, which we can confirm they are not. We only wish that they were!