Is Malcolm Tan still licensed to practice law?

During our normal tracking of Malcolm Tan’s movements, involvements etc we came across the fact that he is no longer listed as a licensed lawyer by the Ministry of Law’s website. Our results when searching for him are as below.

Maclolm Tan Chun Chuen

It is very clear that he is no longer listed. While we are aware of an ongoing investigation into Malcolm Tan’s practices by the Law Society of Singapore, they were, understandably unwilling to share details of that investigation with us when asked.

Similarly when looking on the website of the law company in which Malcolm Tan claims to be ‘Council’ (whatever that might mean), there is no mention of him whatsoever.

Malcolm Tan, Keystone Law

If you really look into Keystone Law, you would notice that for some reason, they went from a very nice and professional website containing lots of information, to this current, very amateur version recently. You can check yourself, by looking up Keystone Law Corporation’s website on the Wayback Machine.

This just raises more and more questions as to the credibility of both Malcolm Tan, ICO Advisor and self-styled ‘Crypto Influencer’, along with this law corporation which he claims to have an interest one.

One thing that is very obvious however is that Sean Say of Keystone Law Corporation is indeed the legal representative of Malcolm Tan. We would of course welcome comments from either Malcolm, or his representative in our comments section. Rest assured that no comments are made public without the manual approval of a staff member.